Super Gold Card Heat Pump Deals

Pricing Includes GST, Installation & 5-Year Warranty


ONLY $1,995.00

Your Save Over $550


ONLY $2,100.00

Your Save Over $500


ONLY $2,400.00

Your Save Over $400

Property Managers Special Offer

We have the best deals on heat pumps in Auckland for Landlords & Property managers!

Fujitsu Model: ASTG12KMCA

ONLY $1,995.00

RRP $2,550.00

Fujitsu Model: ASTG14LUCB

ONLY $2,100.00

RRP $2,500.00

Pricing includes GST, Installation & 6 year warranty


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5 Things Landlords Should Know

Installing a heat pump into your rental property will provide the following benefits:
  • Adds capital value to your investment
  • Reduces maintenance and protects your assets by keeping the home warm and dry
  • you will achieve a greater yield from your investment
  • Provides a comfortable and healthy environment for your tenants
  • Will prepare you in advance should the Government implement a Warrant of Fitness for Rental properties.