Smart Hot Water

Kill Your Hot Water Bill
Don’t Heat Your Hot Water
When You Don’t Need It
Save Up To 15% On Your Power

With a standard electric hot water cylinder you are paying to heat ALL of the water in the cylinder 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year…. With a smart hot water controller you only heat the hot water when you need it.

With a smart hot water controller you only heat the hot water when you need it.
The smart hot water controller can be retrofitted to any cylinder so no need to replace your cylinder and is so smart once your profile settings are set up it will have available hot water only when you need it and if any extra guests turn up, just hit the boost button and you will have a full tank of hot water available… pretty smart huh!
We don’t believe you should pay the earth for hot water and with a good deal of experience in product devel-opment, we’ve designed a system so that you don’t have to!
Our in-home smart touch pad or smart dial controller can be connected to an existing cylinder. It gives you con¬trol over your hot water usage, making the way you control your hot water more efficient. Most importantly it CAN SAVE YOU UP TO 15% ON YOUR POWER BILLS.

What is a Smart Hot Water Controller?

  • You can programme what times you use the hot water the most.
  • Calculates if there is enough hot water and heats up when required
  • .

  • Easy to use LCD display touch screen or dial controller
  • Has BOOST and HOLIDAY Mode
  • Once a week automatically does a cylinder sterilisation to kill any legionella bacteria
  • 3 year warranty

Get a quote for upgrading your hot water cylinder to a Smart Hot Water Controller today.

Did you know that up to 40% of your power bill contributes to heating up your hot water?

Smart Controller

  • Hot water cylinder element control
  • Pre-wired and pre-programmed settings
  • LED Lights for fault conditions
  • Legionella protection

LCD Touch Screen

  • Shows actual hot water available
  • Solar ready Holiday mode
  • One off boost for extra
  • 7 days worth of data
  • Shows temperature of tank top and bottom


  • Dual elements
  • Stainless steel
  • Savings Setting and
  • Low pressure and
  • wetback capacity when required

Size of Tanks

  • 180L, 250L and 300L available
  • Other sizes available

When thinking of replacing your hot water cylinder we can guarantee to save you money, no other cylinder can save you money the way we can with our smart cylinders.

When installing a Smart Cylinder you can take control of how you heat your hot water. By using our LCD touch screen you can see how much hot water you have in your cylinder. You can also set up the times when you need hot water in the Profile Settings, so only heating the hot water when you need ft.

Smart Solar PV

If you have installed solar panels on your roof that generate electricity From the sun or are considering solar panels then by installing a smart cylinder not only are you are able to harness the electricity from the sun during the day, you are able to manage your hot water more effiiently. The smart cylinder can target the heating of your hot water cylinder to the sunshine hours available.

Thus with smart cylinder technology you can enter in the profies to enable your smart hot water cylinder to draw the electricity generated From your SOLAR PV panels to heat your hot water. Your Smart Controller is a vital component of your Solar PV system. It is more cost effective than a Diverter and it won’t let you run out of hot water.

Smart Hot Water Heat Pump

If you have installed a hot water heat pump or considering one, a hot water heat pump offers the highest levels of energy effiiency compared to gas, diesel or electric elements. You can enjoy having hot water all year round no matter where you are or what the weather is doing outside.

By installing a smart cylinder you will add even more savings to heating your hot water, by only heating the hot water you need. Instead of heating the whole cylinder from top to bottom 24/7, with smart cylinder technology you are now in control and can instruct your heat pump to deliver you hot water only when you need it. Get the full benefits of your hot water heat pump with smart cylinder technology.