ventilation2In addition to the 50L of moisture that an average family produces per week through cooking, bathing, ironing and so on, a conduction of other contaminants are present in the air within our homes. These can have detrimental effect on the health of our families. Stale contaminated air is trapped causing steaming windows, which ultimately leads to musty smells, dampness and mould growth.

Our solution…. The Positive Input Ventilation (PIV).

The EnviroVent positive Ventilation units are a whole home ventilation and condensation control unit.

The PIV draws in fresh, filtered & clean air from outside then gently ventilates the home from a central position.

Laden air is diluted and replaced to control humidity levels around 55%. This significantly reduces and eliminates surface condensation which is the main cause for mould growth.

Lower humidity levels create a slight decrease in dust mite populations, providing significant improvement in the health of asthma sufferers & air quality.

The PIV unit is available for any size home, flat or apartment, and is easily installed, removed or reinstalled.

Features: -Set and forget system -MIV model brings in cool air from the soffit if roof temperature exceeds a specified degree which helps lead to a cooler house in the summer -Both models have built in heaters if the temperature drops below a specified degree -5year guarantee -Virtually silent DC motor -Very low power consumption -Approximately 1/3 of the cost of other brands on the market -Filters can be serviced by yourself.