Water heating accounts for around 40% of household energy use… and energy costs continue to rise. Extremely efficient, Econergy water heaters solve the problem or rising energy costs by transferring up to 75% of the heating energy from the air.* This is achieved by application of revolutionary patented technology that heats the water in a single pass. Econergy® running costs have been independently shown to be amongst the lowest of any system available.

Econergy®’s top down heating principle together with generous capacity ensure continuity of hot water supply even during periods of high use.

Econergy®’s new range of heat pump optimised storage cylinders ensure high flow rates are achieved. This allows multiple points of use to be run simultaneously off one system.

Econergy® Heat Pump Water Heaters are designed to cover the range of hot water needs of New Zealand homes. Each unit has a sealed refrigerant circuit, built in circulator and is simply connected to an existing hot water cylinder or Econergy® Heat Pump ready cylinder via insulated water pipes.

The Econergy® system can be mounted flexible to suit the house design and layout. The hot water cylinder may be mounted internally or externally. The Econergy® heat pump unit may be mounted external to the building envelope, or if integrated, in the ceiling cavity. Econergy® recommends indoor mountig of hot water cylinders wherever possible to reduce heat losses from the cylinder and allow proximity to point of use. Out door hot water cylinders available on request.

Features: -The only heat pump water given the tick by Consumer -Patented Single Pass technology for maximum durability and savings -Epoxy coated evaporator, powder coated Alluminium base, stainless steel fasteners give highest durability in coastal areas -Each unit is tested through several heating cycles before leaving the Auckland factory -Full heat pump operation (boost element free) right down to -5˚C.

*HP4000LT, 73.8% annual savings compared with electric hot water cylinder, Zone 5, Project Solar AS/NZS 5125/4234
*HP4000LT, savings guarantee compared with standard electric hot water cylinder. Valid where Econergy® installed to specifications listed in installation manual.