Which Heat Pump Suits Your Needs

Heat Pump technology is so advanced these days, that choosing the best type to suit your needs can be confusing.  First of all, you need to consider how many rooms you want heated.  You can buy a single pump to heat a single area or room, a multi-system to heat 2, 3 or 4 areas, or a fully ducted system if you wish to heat your whole home.

Split Systems
All modern heat pumps are split systems.  That means they have an outdoor unit which contains the compressor, and an outdoor unit which contains the fan that circulates the warm air (or cooled air in the summer) in your home.  These units are designed to be discreet both in appearance and operation.

Secondly, you choose the type and model that suits you best.  Here are the options:


These are the most popular models.  These slim, elegant and whisper-quiet indoor units are mounted unobtrusively on a wall.  They all offer advanced technology, including remote control, reverse cycle, sleep and digital timer, moisture remover and some also offer additional features.  The Fujitsu Premier series offers whisper quiet comfort, advanced Fujitsu energy efficiency, elegant finish, apple catechin filter (to absorb dust, mould spores and harmful micro-organisms), ion deodorising filter to absorb household odours..

Floor Console

These floor standing models are very compact, with a range of capacities, offering quiet but very powerful operation.  These consoles look like a conventional gas or night storage heater.  The compact model is only 60cm high and 74cm wide.  They are also super quiet and surprisingly efficient, offering you the full range of capacities, with many additional features.

Ceiling Cassette

This is the go to unit if you want your heat pump to be discreet – as only the grill shows in the ceiling.



Just one outdoor unit can power up to four indoor units. The highly efficient, quiet way to heat or cool up to four different areas. The indoor unit selections include Hi-Wall, Console, Cassette or Bulkhead models to choose from, making it easier to heat or air condition most homes in New Zealand.

Ducted System

These are the ultimate home improvement. The luxury systems heat or cool your entire home. Air is distributed via insulated ducting connected to ceiling outlets. Ducting is the ultimate invisible solution for year-round comfort.