It is important to get it right the first time

It isn’t difficult to choose the style you like, but it is very important that you choose the correctly sized heat pump for your needs.

That’s why Fujitsu have developed the Comfort Selector®. Using the Comfort Selector® is the most efficient way to make sure you have the perfectly sized heat pump for your home.  That’s the reason why only Fujitsu can guarantee the performance of the selected heat pump in your home.  In writing.

Choosing the right installer is very important.  Unfortunately, poor installation is not uncommon, and it can affect performance and efficiency of your heat pump.  So we strongly advise that you choose an accredited heat pump installer – that way you can be sure they have the skill, expertise and professionalism needed to give you years of efficient, worry-free heating.

1. Choose the type of heat pump for your needs
2. Decide which area of your home you want heated
3. Make sure you choose the right size heater
4. Request your free in-home or on-site consultation
5. Ask about our Comfort Selector™