“If it can be designed we can air condition it.”
The Commercial Heat Pumps range includes unique benefits such as NZ’s first ever ENERGY STAR® ducted systems, world first features in control for flexibility and ease of control and economy for individual, central and right up to building management systems.

Fujitsu’s new Multi-Systems deliver air-conditioned heating and cooling to 2,3 or 4 rooms or offices from one outdoor unit. Advantages include economy, plus flexibility of choice for the indoor units from hi-wall, floor, bulkhead or cassette, ranging in capacity from 2.0kW to 7.0kW. This diverse choice delivers the right combination to meet the requirements of many small commercial projects, from offices to large shops.


Fujitsu’s range of Ducted Air Conditioners has been designed to cover a wide variety of retail and commercial business needs. With heating capacities ranging from 6kW to 28kW and a variety of styles, it is now possible to utilise the efficiencies and control advantages of a Fujitsu ducted system in most situations.

Fujitsu General have been developing and manufacturing high quality and energy efficient products for more than 35 years. Using the latest Japanese technology and state of the art expertise. Fujitsu products have been designed in accordance with our policy to “create the most comfortable environment” possible.

Large homes and apartments.J-series gives the flexibility to deliver individual air conditioning control for specific rooms, as well as accommodate the differing needs of common areas and individual room spaces in apartment blocks.

Offices and shops:J-series provides the flexibility to manage regular upgrades by matching each shop or office, whilst saving energy and operating economically, and be centrally controlled where required.

For your Commercial Heat Pumps need, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be able to provide the most cost effective solution for you.