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Our Showroom has been redecorated and ready for another successful year! The first 20 customers who visit our showroom and request a quote will receive a complimentary pass to the Home & Garden Show!

We Are Fujitsu Heat Pump Specialists

Fujitsu Heat Pumps

Heat Pump City sell, deliver and expertly install Fujitsu Heat Pumps in the Auckland region, all of our hand picked members of the installation team are licensed Accredited Installers of Fujitsu, giving you six full years of warranty on all parts and labour. We are also members of the Heat Pump Group thereby able to extend the warranty from six to eight full years warranty of parts and labour.

We have installed thousands of heat pumps in both the domestic and commercial markets and can offer you the best advice in the business.

Ranked as No.1 dealer for customer satisfaction and service, now sales too! THANK YOU AUCKLAND!

Fujitsu is a Superbrand! Independently evaluated as an iconic, trusted leading New Zealand brand 2014.

Fujitsu Heat Pumps – The Range

Hi-Wall Range – Stylish, slim and elegant, these popular Fujitsu heat pumps are wall mounted units and designed to … more…

The Amazing Nocria – These elegant Fujitsu heat pumps are designed to sit very high on the wall … more…

Compact Floor Console – This industry leader is very compact and very quiet, yet still… more…

Floor Console – Slim and lightweight, these models have been designed for floor or ceiling installation. Ideal … more…

In Ceiling Cassette – Extremely discreet, with only the grill showing in the ceiling. Latest fan technology distributes … more…

Under Ceiling Console – These high capacity models are ideal for commercial and other big open spaced areas … more…

Ducted – The ultimate in home luxury – ducted systems are invisible, yet deliver total comfort throughout the home, all year round … more…

Multi Room Systems – These inverter multi systems can heat (or cool) two, three or four rooms using only one outdoor unit … more…

VRF J-Series – Fujitsu offers a totally comprehensive range of latest technology VRF commercial air conditioning, heat pump and heat recovery systems … more…

Fujitsu Heat Pumps – The Advantages

A heat pump is a heater, cooler, dehumidifier, an air filter and a circulating fan all in one. Fujitsu Heat Pumps are easy to use and exceptionally convenient.

The major advantages a heat pump offers are cheaper heating/cooling and significantly improved air quality are the two key factors you should associate when thinking about a heat pump.

Heat Pumps are a year round, true value for money appliance. A heat pump provides home heating, cooling and/or dehumidifying, all in one unit.

Fujitsu Heat Pumps are the most efficient home heating solution and represent excellent value for money because your investment can be used 12 months of the year.

Aside from being very economical to run, they are also a highly efficient dehumidifier.

The inside unit also filters the air. This is an important feature for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. You will be amazed at how much dust is collected in your filters.

It can also be used as a circulating fan, filtering air and freshening a room at the same time.

Fujitsu Heat Pumps can quickly bring a room up to temperature and then maintain it. They enable you to increase or decrease the temperature of your room, or switch from heating to coding at the push of a button on the remote control

If you replace your electric heater with a 5 star heat pump and run it for the same period of time, your cost of heating would be approximately 75% less.

Fujitsu Heat Pumps are efficient, safe, clean, reliable and comfortable heating.